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Instructor information

Dr. Matt Gitzendanner
University of Florida
Biology & Florida Museum of Natural History
UF Information Technology – Training and User Support
PO Box 117800
Gainesville, FL 32611-7800
Phone: 352-273-1960
E-mail: magitz@ufl.edu
Twitter: @m_gitz

Previous co-instructor who helped get this course started!

Dr. Brian Stucky

About the site

This site has been developed as the main repository for Brian Stucky and Matt Gitzendanner’s AI in Biology course. This course is being offered for the first time Spring 2020 at the University of Florida. This site serves both as the primary resource when teaching the course, and as a resource for others teaching similar courses or learning on their own.

The course was designed to be a one semester, 3-credit course for upper-level undergraduate and starting graduate students.

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